Searching for Wisdom

It’s easy to miss when you read the book of Proverbs: Solomon addresses his children, dozens of times. Since he fathered an untold number of children, Solomon chose to write them a collection of his wise observations they could all read whenever they had time. This timeless wise message from a father to his child is just as relevant today as it ever was.

Today, many Americans grow up in a broken and single-parent homes. As a result, they long for guidance in confusing areas such as sex, managing money and building lasting friendships.

In Searching for Wisdom, Conrad Hilario shows how our heavenly Father’s wisdom in Proverbs fills in the gaps left by our earthly parents.

Practical, readable, and straightforward, this book takes you into the heart of Proverbs to learn how wisdom from God can change your life.

No matter our background, Proverbs brims with practical life lessons from our heavenly Father.

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