Old Memories Surface

Old Memories Surface

Last month, my wife was organizing a room filled with junk in our house. Often these attempts to declutter just spread junk from one room to others throughout my house. Yet, sometimes items surface during these purges that remind me of important events in my life.

Someone took this picture of me twenty years ago while speaking at a Youth for Christ fundraiser. It was the first time I spoke in public. I was sharing how I came to Christ with a small crowd, maybe 20-30 people. As I spoke, I felt God’s spirit animating my words. This was the first time I can recall God empowering me in this way. If you told me twenty years ago that I would speak for God as my full-time job, I would’ve laughed in your face.

Looking back on my life, God has led me through a circuitous path to bring me where I’m at today...

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