Bridging the Gulf: Christ in Contemporary Culture

Bridging the Gulf: Christ in Contemporary Culture

Photo Credit Joan Cornella

Nearly twenty years ago, I read The God Who is There. Schaeffer wrote this book 50 years ago in 1968 at the height of the Counter Culture Movement. This book greatly influenced my thinking.   

Specifically, I remember this staircase diagram which describes how people view truth. Schaeffer argued that shifts in the way man views truth starts with the intellectuals and slowly trickles down to the artist, the musician, general culture and lastly to the theologian. Schaeffer points out that, “Theology has been last for a long time. It is curious to me, in studying this whole cultural drift, that so many pick up the latest theological fashion and hail it as something new. But in fact, what the new theology is now saying has already been said previously in each of the other disciplines.” This statement still holds true today.

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